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Anne Marina Fidler is a multi-disciplinary performance artist whose work explores themes of vulnerability, sexuality, feminism, and otherness through movement, voice, theater, film, and drag. Her dynamic practice draws on her years of experience performing in basement cabarets, drag shows, and nightclubs. She also works as a costume designer for theater, film, and drag, bringing her unique sensibilities from this practice to create surreal and sensory environments.

Originally from Seattle, USA, Anne trained in performance and design in London before completing an MA in Performance Practices at ArtEZ University in 2022.  She was the creative director of the touring film festival “Bike Smut”, from 2011-2015, screnning curated  collections of short, independent erotic bicycle films in 27 different countries. Since 2017, she has been an active member of the Berlin independent performing arts scene, working on productions at venues such as Sophiensaele, Dock 11, and the Berliner Festspiele.

Anne's first full-length solo show, 'SLUT: A love Story', was invited to be part of the Erotifakton festival in Malmo, SE in June 2022. Her most recent work, 'Remedies Against Panic', is an interactive post-capitalist narrative that incorporates karaoke and polyvagal practices. The performance encourages participation, inviting the audience to join in and create an immersive experience. 'Remedies Against Panic' premiered in May 2022 and showcases Anne's innovative and collaborative approach to performance art.

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